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About Carol Omer

Carol Omer

Hello and thank you for calling by my page.
My name is Carol Omer I am an Artist, Writer and Certified Life Coach living in Adelaide, South Australia. I acknowledge that I am living and creating on traditional Aboriginal Land & pay my respects to the Kaurna people, the Elders and the Ancestors as the traditional owners of the Adelaide Plains.

I have worked in homeless shelters and community health & healing settings for over 25 years & create women’s personal development art for relaxation, self reflection and fun! I specialise in the Mandala art form & facilitate the ART of Change, a creativity based life coaching program.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning Circle & after reading Carl Jung’s first hand experiences of power of Mandala as a tool for healing and transformation I began to study them as a possible tool for my women’s personal development programs. I quickly saw how the Mandala “magic” engages people on so many levels and how they generate restful thinking and deep breathing as a form of open eyed meditation.
As children we all loved to play, laugh, share, create, expand & grow & returning to that core place of free flowing creativity and getting hands on with our imagination is a wonderful tonic for our busy, adult lives.
In my work with homeless women and in domestic violence shelters, the Mandala has brought enormous joy and pleasure to women who have said to me I used to love colouring in when I was little, I feel so relaxed with the Mandalas.

The Mandalas are portable, they can be coloured on long flights, on outdoor picnics or whilst propped up in bed on a sleep in day. Many women enjoy getting together for Saturday Crafternoons and colouring in a Talking circle, sharing food and stories. 
My Vision is to create Mandalas that are meaningful, that make a difference in womens lives. I receive feedback that they have travelled into hospitals and cancer wards, accompanied women on retreats and during overseas travels and others have been shared between mothers and daughters who last sat down & created together many years ago.
I am honoured to create interactive art work that has been inspired by both ancient & contemporary traditions. Indigenous cultures have used the circle as both a ceremonial & creative tool for thousands of years & contemporary psychology recognises life coaching as a significant tool for self development & goal setting.
The Big Girls Little Colouring Book has been designed to let our hands do the thinking and allow our mind to rest and play for awhile.