Carol Blog The Big Girls Little Coloring Book. Its more than just "Coloring In"...

The Big Girls Little Coloring Book. Its more than just "Coloring In"...

Welcome to the very first Big Girls Little Colouring Book blog post (Coloring Book for my American friends).

I am often asked don't you think that colouring is a bit childish? & I smile knowing that the person who is sincerely asking the question has not yet experienced the Mandala Magic!

Colouring Mandalas  is a form of open eyed  meditation. 

The Mind is focused on the artwork and the soothing rhythm of the pattern. The hands are engaged and the repetitive movement of the colouring is like a mantra that centres the thoughts slows down the breathing and massages the mind. I call this a  Medartation.

Often when a person picks up the colouring pencils they will let out a sigh, shuffle in their seat and step contentedly into the circle of the Mandala.

There have been many occasions when I have taken the black & white Mandala templates into very high stress environments such as domestic violence refuges and mental health groups.

As soon as the Mandalas are put on the table they are usually welcomed with great enthusiasm and people say things like I haven't coloured in since I was a kid and I love these pictures what did you say they  are  called?

For some people  there is  unresolved shame around their creativity from  childhood where beliefs like  my sister is the creative one or my teacher told me I am not a very good drawer were instilled.

Many of us had to put our colouring pencils  away in junior primary school & haven't picked them up since! Sitting down to colour after so many years is like a welcome reunion with an old friend. The enjoyable, relaxing activity of putting colour to  a black & white image & bringing it to  life is something we did easily as children but  have often forgotten how much we enjoyed it by the time we are well into our adult years.

In my ART of Change programs women will often tell me  when I colour the Mandalas everything just slows down and I forget about all the stuff that I'm dealing with when I come to the group & we colour & talk.

Sometimes I am asked should I start on the outside of the circle or in the middle? Should I copy your colours because I am not very creative.

Questions that  seek permission to do creative things in a certain way are sometimes asked because the person has lost their confidence to create like we did as children, freely, unselfconsciously & unquestioningly.

Limiting beliefs that we picked up without even being aware of them become the seeds for losing touch with the infinite garden of creativity and imagination that is within all of us. Its good to remember that the word  belief has "lie" in the middle ~belief ~  & it is possible that some of our most strongly held beliefs  may be inherited  fibs & lies that we picked up early in life. I am not creative is often one of them.

I am the Gardener of My Life

There are no “right” ways although ways to sit and colour the Mandalas, there is simply your way.

My response to questions that are coming from a place of doubt and creative insecurity is just put the pencils in your hands and enjoy the process! Start where it feels right for you! You get to  choose  the colour that appeals to you.

Each of The Big Girls Little Colouring Book Mandalas is accompanied by an Affirmation (positive statement) & a description of the message & meaning behind the Mandala. It is food for thought when sitting down to a feast of creative exploration and delicious, delightful serves of the imagination at play!

Colouring the Mandalas  is all about  enjoying the process, remembering your creative self and experiencing the deep relaxation that comes from connecting with the circle. Your are creating your own personalised Mandala that not only looks good but will continue to be a very visual reminder of the Affirmation & its personal development message.

I would love for you to share your experience of colouring in and where that takes you and if you have any questions about how the Mandalas are beneficial in both workplace settings, health & healing environments  and with a small group of friends, drop me a line and I will answer your questions in the next blog update.

Have a magical, creative day!

Every child is born an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. - Pablo Picasso 

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