Carol Blog Big Girls Colouring Circles ~ Crafternoon Delights!

Big Girls Colouring Circles ~ Crafternoon Delights!

I was delighted to receive an inbox message from someone who has downloaded The Big Girls Little Colouring Book to let me know that she is hosting a Big Girls Colouring Circle  this weekend.  Her home is in Canada, I live in Australia and thanks to the amazing power of social media, we are sharing a common passion & inspiring one another with the fantastic connections that occur when women come together and create.

The heArt and soul of The Big Girls Little Colouring Book is  to connect, create, inspire and invoke new possibilities. 

I am blessed to be a member of a group of 5 women who meet every three months for the soul purpose of spending a day creating, sharing food, laughing, offering feedback and new perspectives and simply taking a day out of often busy schedules to nourish and nurture together.

The last time we gathered I put theI Am The Gardener of My Life Mandala on the table and we also brought along interesting books and photographs to share in our talking circle.

I thought it would be fun to share some of the tips and tools for hosting a Big Girls Colouring Circle as several people have expressed an interest in getting together with their women friends and spending a day or an evening colouring together.
There is of course no "right" way or "wrong" way to host a get together but there are some things that can really contribute to making it an enjoyable, fruitful gathering.

This is what the space looks like before everyone arrives when I am hosting a home group:

This is what the table becomes once everyone has settled in. For this particular circle I provided the Mandala Energy Woman as a A3 small poster template.

Some groups decide that everyone coming along will bring something to share & sometimes the host likes to provide the meal /snacks, it really depends on the individual and the occasion.

If it is in the evening people may bring  something to share for supper but if we are having an all day get together (my favourite) we discuss before hand what we will have for lunch and what each person  would like to contribute.

Usually the host provides the tea and coffee and perhaps a few nibbles on the tables. Some groups rotate the hosting and others meet at the same place  and other groups I am  a part of through my ART of Change program may meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Here are a few common questions I am asked regarding Big Girls Colouring Circles and if you have any other questions, drop me a line and I will respond in the comment section here:

Should I supply the colouring pencils and the Mandalas?

Ideally for a regular gathering it would be great if everyone had their own copy of The Big Girls Little Colouring Book although  someone recently told me she wanted to offer her downloaded book to her group members to chose their own Mandala.  This is a very generous gesture & the download format enables that kind of sharing. 

The copyright agreement in the download doesn't allow for multiple photocopying but we have made the book available at  a very affordable price knowing that women often want to share the experience with their friends and family. If members have their own copy they can experience the full 20 Mandala journey of the book both in the group and in their own time so it really depends on how you would like to share the process.

I always encourage people to have their own coloured pencils and pens as they become the tools by which we create with and bring the Mandalas to life in our own unique way. Sometimes the host will have her own supplies for sharing so again, it is up to the host and the group to decide.

What kind of colouring tools  should we use?

Thats a great question regarding what to use.
Theres a number of types of pencils. At the very sort of entry level for a good quality, inexpensive brand i recommend Faber Castel. I also use their texta colours but am not sure if they are specific to Australia or not.
After that the Derwent brand is great for variety and quality of lead and colour. 

InkTensives are also popular with many Big Girls colour'ers and I have used FaberCastel water coloured pencils on many of my Mandalas and the Mandala posters I create also.

The Rolls Royce of the colouring world are Prisma pencils, they are expensive but can often be found much cheaper on ebay sites. 
Many of my Mandalas are coloured with Prismas after asking for a group present from my family last year of the big box of them. :-)
Faber Castels are equally as good in so far as they are a very reliable brand. I always avoid pencils from the bargain type stores, especially in my workshops, as they are often cheap but have very soft leads and break and crumble very easily.

Some people have been talking about Copic Markers as a terrific colouring wand and I am planning on getting some for my Christmas present this year! Colouring in things for presents are a great way to build up the creative tool box.

A space where women come together to create, colour, share, laugh and cry is by nature a healing space because it is generated from Love. Sometimes our Big Girls group gathers in nature, we have Big Girls picnics & we also meet around the camp fire.

If your group shares a common Spiritual path you may like to think about opening with a healing prayer or inviting the oldest group member to share her Wisdom with the younger ones. The divine feminine energies are amplified when women gather & often the simple act of sitting and colouring together will generate its own Magic and story telling so we don't need to try too hard to "structure" the gathering.

In our womens circles we sometimes share a poem or a story or we bring a question or quandary to the circle, knowing our siStars will have answers and new ideas. We have laughed and cried and meditated and prayed together and celebrated our blessings with gratitude.

What do you think about the idea of a theme for the day? I thought I might read one of the big Girls affirmations and the story of the Mandala?

I think thats a terrific idea! You are creating the space for women to gather, women who you know and care about and so you are well qualified to choose the theme for the day and if you become an on going group, perhaps others might like to also introduce the theme in a rotating format.

For more information about the colouring in process check out my previous blog entry: "Its more than just colouring in "

I hope this has been useful for you and I will leave you with one last photo. It is of my beloved Mother, Maureen, as we sat and painted the air drying clay beads I had rolled for us earlier in the week.

When we sit in the creative space together, Mum tells me some of her stories. She shares the memories of her early childhood in war torn England, she tell me about books she has read, fond memories of when we were a little and what it was like to travel across the world to live in a new country when she was a young mother of three daughters.

Sitting in the creative space together is a beautiful, peaceful way to connect, to reconnect and to  enjoy the simple blessings and pleasures of creating with our hands, hearts and imaginations.

I hope you too  may feel inspired to share the Big Girls Colouring Circle with the women you love ...

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