Creative Development for Women

The Benefits of Colouring Mandalas

Why is the Big Girls Little Colouring Book so popular amongst women?

The Big Girls Little Colouring Book is a connection to life, a free flowing celebration of creativity and vivid imagination.

What is so good about colouring in?

Colouring mandalas is fun & relaxing! Time spent with the book is "me time", a welcome break from every day routine. It is a personal playground where you get to play, experiment with new ideas, discover forgotten dreams and become immersed in your imagination. It is a form of meditation that is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.

completed mandalas
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What is a mandala?

The word is a Sanskrit word that means circle. The circle is at the centre of life, planet earth is circular, the cells in my body are mandalas as are my eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Creating with mandalas returns me to the circle and creates a portal to the deeper self. Mandalas are a medium to connect with my subconscious mind and colouring them reconnects me with my inner wise woman and my inner artist.

What is a Big Girls Colouring Circle and what are the cultural connections to colouring in?

Colouring in mandalas is suitable for women of all cultural backgrounds and ages. The Big Girls Little Colouring Mandalas draw on common cultural themes of connection, imagination and the call to creating a happy, fulfilled life.

Women friends and family gather together to colour mandalas, share food, tell stories, laugh, discuss the mandala affirmations and enjoy the magic that happens when women join in a circle of creativity.

Sometimes we take our mandalas and a picnic outdoors into nature and spend a day away from the squares and boxes of our everyday life. Creating together and engaging in deep conversations make the Big Girls Little Colouring Circles a celebration of the unity we all share as women and sisters together.

How does this connect to your creative spirit?

Colouring mandalas together generates a culture of creativity amongst women and inspires us. It is unifying and generates synergy that nourishes the soul.

Conversations flow, we hatch new ideas or bring worries and concerns to the circle which are transformed into insights and realizations because we are sharing from the heart and exchanging wisdom and knowledge with one another as we colour.

It is an organic process and the pencils are like a magic wand that awakens aspects of myself I have not explored for a long time. We believe in one another’s dreams and  hold the creative field for each other as we connect with simple symbols that explore complex themes.

In the circle of creativity grandmothers sit with new mothers, a cancer survivor sits with someone newly diagnosed, teachers become students and students become teachers.

Big Girls Circle
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Why put colouring in and affirmations together?

There are words that we can read and pictures that we can create with, just like the books that hold so much appeal when we are young and full of creativity and enthusiasm for learning.

By engaging with both words
and pictures both hemispheres of my brain, the left and the right side are involved in the process of colouring, creating & thinking.

My hands are moving, my eyes are focused and I am fully immersed in the process but with the kind of ease and effortlessness that makes learning such a pleasure.

Mandala and affirmation
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When can you use the book?

The book is very portable and can be used at any time, waiting for appointment at the doctors surgery, on long flights and at family celebration times with a birthday colouring circle. Professionals can use the book as a tool for connection and conversations i.e. social work in various institutions.

The Big Girls Little Colouring book is a gift to myself, it is relevant for
all women and is unique and appeals to our inner magical child as well as my wise woman within.

It is a lot of fun, also a terrific personal development tool for someone who may be struggling or seeking clarity. The mandalas create special “me” time which is so important for women who spend a lot of time caring for others.

What is in the book?

There are 20 hand drawn mandalas, that have been specially created for women as combination of personal development and life coaching principles that incorporate spiritual reflection, relaxation and fun.

How do you use the book?

Begin at the beginning of the book or choose an image that draws your attention. Perhaps read through the book and choose a mandala based on the affirmation or open at random. There are no fixed rules or recommended ways of working through the book which leaves it open to creativity and intuition to be a guide.

I have the freedom to choose colours that reflect my mood, evoke memories and reflections and allow me to travel from black and white to rainbow, whilst exploring the colours of autumn or spring or pastels in between.

Book Cover

Get your hands involved?

Colouring mandalas brings movement & imagination into the creative process, it exercises the fine motor skills and is good for both old and young. Because the process is both visual (eye) and kinesthetic (hands) senses are working together to stimulate my imagination, as my hands do my thinking & allow my mind to wander freely and relax.

Why does every woman need a Big Girls Little Colouring Book?

In a busy world of technology and demands on time and effort like we have never seen before returning to simple pleasures has enormous benefits for my health and peace of mind.

It makes a lot of sense to reconnect with the things that brought joy and happiness when I was a child and colour and drawing are right up there as one of the timeless pleasures of childhood, when our world was a very creative place.