Creative Development for Women


I am just discovering Mandalas. Your 'groups' philosophy is so heart warming. I love the collectivness, the ideas, the being in nature, the honesty.... thank you, inspiring.
Ruth B
What an uplifting blessing to have found you! What a beautiful and inspiring page! I will be sharing with all. I feel empowered and motivated now more than ever!
Spiritual Wellness Centre
I can't wait to "colour in" I have a major challenge coming up and I will need all the encouragement and love that I anticipate this book will generate! Thank you so much. Be blessed!
Roz A
LOVE your coloring book. My mom has Alzheimer's and one thing she is still awesome at is coloring! I would love to order your book!!
Wendy M
I love the idea how to channel through the negative with the light of something possible. It is healing.....
Alice N